IVC srl is an Italian factory, manufacturing households goods and funerary accessories.

We take care of the the order, from first inquiry to the delivery time, with a focused and timely service. The years of experience as manufacturers and exporters allows us to meet our customers’ request with items and packaging customized, and special finishing.


Our company was born from the entrepreneurial vocation of the founder, Gianni De Bernardini, who, during the postwar period, rented a small area in the center of the city of Vicenza, and took his first steps in the production of households accessories.


The growth

A few years later, the property invests in the construction of a shed. The production is moved to the industrial area of ​​Caldogno, a few kilometers from the city. These are years of changes and great growth, which have seen investments specialized in the design and production of kitchen accessories, with a particular focus on the can opener. The founder, Gianni, is flanked by his son Alberto in the management of the business, and this kicks off the internalization with a great push towards foreign sales. During these years many articles have been patented, the commercial sector was growing and some parallel realities have been absorbed.

Recent years

In the recent years, horizons widened and, thanks to decades of production and commercial experience, a branch of activities related to funeral accessories was added to the traditional domestic sector. The knowledge in the field of metal production and the vocation for internalization bear fruit, allowing the company to establish itself also in this sector both on the national territory and on the European and overseas stage.